Benefits of PEC


  • Gained increased access to park’s resources and staff to support curricular goals

  • Increased professional development in place-based education and curriculum design

  • Developed fresh ideas and support from other teachers and resource specialist

  • Re-invigorated their teaching and connection to their community

  • Leadership opportunities in serving on the PEC team


  • Increased their level of engagement and active learning

  • Experienced stronger connection between classroom learning and real world application and problem-solving

  • Developed greater familiarity with the parks and their resources through multiple exposures

  • Learned about park employment and internships, and capitalized on these career development opportunities

  • Accomplished major learning milestones in alternative high school programs


  • Established cohesive framework and direction for education programs

  • New and better working partnerships with teachers, administrators, community non-profits, and other public lands

  • Generated a greater awareness of the park and its resources

  • Boosted visitation and student involvement

  • Increased understanding of what partners, teachers, and students need; helping make the park more relevant, visible, and valuable to the community

  • Created new park-based programs and units

  • Enriched diversity, and direct relevance, Education and interpretive programs for students

Community Partners

  • Felt greater capacity to help fulfill their missions, and connect with the community

  • Expanded access to teacher and student networks

  • Increased professional development in place-based education, curriculum design and promising instructional practices