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Park staff know their park’s resources and how to communicate their importance. Teachers know their students and how to help them learn. Community partners know local needs and assets. Together, using authentic experiences in the parks & communities, we offer educator professional development aimed at deeper learning opportunities for students.

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National Parks are the "gems" of our country, offering historical, cultural, and natural treasures. They can provide tangible resources and illustrate complex issues, helping students to make meaningful connections. With Park for Every Classroom's engaging practices, educators from schools, parks, and local organizations can share expertise and resources, generate new ideas, and plan together to make a direct impact in their communities.



Check out this article about PEC's expansion and new focus on equity-centered climate change education!


PEC teachers engage at multiple levels, from first-time support for local park education endeavors to serving as teacher-leaders. The investment in professional learning and partnerships with a single teacher can touch the lives of hundreds of students who enter their classroom throughout the course of their career.


The PEC program directly addresses NPS priorities related to education, stewardship, professional development and expanded capacity through partnerships. Participation fosters understanding of what partners, teachers, and students need; helping make the park more relevant, visible, and valuable to the community. 


Partnerships are essential to the PEC approach. Local partners increase and leverage resources and provide opportunities one organization alone cannot offer. PEC partners help plan professional development, offer technical expertise, and enhance connections to schools, new networks, and the community. 


The PEC program is designed to provide the tools, resources, and support educators need to offer deeper learning experiences for students. The ultimate goal is enhanced stewardship of parks and community. Early evaluation results indicate positive impacts on student engagement and learning.


PEC Team Locations

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PEC is adapted to fit the specific needs, assets, culture, and goals of each site. Although our Community of Learning, Inquiry, and Practice partners share similar foundational premises and overall aspirations, each team has created its own distinct PEC program for their unique situation.

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